For families who can no longer care for their adult children who are developmentally challenged, because of age, illness or death, Mary Centre (after you have contacted your local DSO and they have provided us with a referral) offers reassuring options.


We provide homes with full-time care as well as supported independent living apartments to 42 adults in the Greater Toronto Area and the region of Peel.




Supported independent living

Mary Centre maintains eight apartments at Our Lady of Victory in Toronto, five at St. Mary’s in Brampton and three at St. Peter’s in Woodbridge where we support adults with a developmental challenge. We also provide support to three brothers who live in their own home in East York.

Supported independent living provides an opportunity for 22 people to live independently in comfortable, safe apartments in the community with the support of Mary Centre staff.

Supported independent living enables adults who are developmentally challenged to live in their own apartments or homes with the part-time assistance of Mary Centre staff. Residents and their families work as a team with Mary Centre, creating a plan to enable each resident to reach the goals that will enable him or her to live successfully in the community. This team determines how to maximize personal strengths, how much structure is needed and what supports are required in order to reach these goals. Mary Centre’s support workers help each resident find a comfortable routine.

We also provide the staff support necessary for each person to interact and engage with the community. We facilitate access to employment and day programs and community-based social, volunteer and recreational activities.

Some of our residents come from family homes, others from boarding rooms. Each is involved with a variety of outside activities. And each has scheduled time with a Mary Centre support worker. This time may be spent together developing practical skills like budgeting, cooking or doing laundry. Or it could be time spent arranging social activities such as going to the local community centre to swim or signing up for a soccer team. Or it could be time together discussing a schedule to attend church.

Ultimately, each resident develops personally, socially, and spiritually – enjoying the self-reliance that supported independent living brings.


Residential living

Mary Centre owns two houses in Brampton (Aberdeen and Greenbriar) and three in Scarborough (Whitecap, Redcastle and Leyton), providing homes for 20 adults with a developmental challenge. Here, with a maximum of four residents in each house, each person finds a new home – one with privacy, comfort, friends, activities – and good support.

Our five homes are designed to meet the diverse needs of our residents, who currently range in age from mid-30s to mid-70s. All residences are wheelchair accessible and include special features such as lifts and grab bars to facilitate the comfort and mobility of those who live there.

We devote a great deal of care to creating a home for each resident that meets his or her own special needs. And we assist each person’s efforts in reaching goals at home, at work and in the community.

Some residences are staffed 24-hours-a-day, others 18-hours-a-day, depending upon the amount of support required by residents. Our staff members help each person develop daily living skills and provide supervision and assistance as needed with activities such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and eating and self-care. Mary Centre support workers also facilitate access to activities during the day since most of our residents participate in community education, employment or recreation activities.

Mary Centre is also responsible for the safety and well-being of our residents. We carefully monitor the health of each person, assist with medications and therapies as needed and access the appropriate health care services, as identified within each person’s Individual Support Plan.