Why We're Here

Living, learning, working, loving, having fun. That’s what life with a developmental challenge should be – and that’s why Mary Centre was founded as a non-profit agency in 1988.

Why Mary Centre?

First of all, about three out of every 100 people have some type of developmental challenge. A significant number require support with daily living.
Second, whereas a generation ago, people who were developmentally challenged rarely lived into their fifties, today more are living into their seventies and even eighties.

While this is a reason to celebrate, it also means that these individuals are outliving their parent and sibling caregivers. Moreover, they require more care as they age. Thus older adults with a developmental challenge are under-served and often marginalized.

Mary Centre is serving an increasing number of these seniors.


Currently about 70% of the adults we support are over 50 years of age. In fact, several individuals have been living in our residences since they opened and are now in their sixties and seventies.

Mary Centre offers these folks something special.

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    is here for

With a vision of celebrating developmental challenges, we promote independence and individuality and encourage community integration in all areas of a person’s life.

While reflecting a Catholic orientation, Mary Centre is available to people of all backgrounds and religious denominations. In fact, it is our values that represent who we are and what we do.

Dignity of every person

We respect the whole person, the uniqueness and right to equality of each individual.


We treat all people with honesty, empathy and respect consistent with Catholic values. We commit ourselves to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

Focus on individuals

As a coordinated team of professionals and volunteers, we are dedicated to helping adults who are developmentally challenged achieve their goals.


We support individuals and families by providing services to the best of our abilities and by striving for excellence. We are accountable to each other, including our staff, funders and those we support.

Dignity. Integrity. Individuality. Responsibility.
These values are Mary Centre.