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While Mary Centre currently assists some 200 adults with a developmental challenge and their families, demand for our services is growing. Current Government base financial support does not reflect market costs for items such as natural gas, hydro and food. In addition, we are aware that with an aging population more people require supports like ours every week.

Donations are appreciated and can be made through Canada Helps  or please call Pat Campbell at 416 630 5533 ext 229 to make a direct donation.

We dearly need YOUR financial support.

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The available supports
(for people who have a developmental disability)
are still inadequate to enable families and individuals to cope with the challenges that they face every day of their lives.

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Mary Centre has helped more than 50 adults gain competence and confidence since we started our community support program over two years ago. With your continued financial support we can expand our ability to provide meaningful day activities and life skills development to many more adults in a timely and responsive manner.

Please consider making a regular monthly donation, which we can assist you in setting up or a one-time donation.

The individuals supported through Mary Centre “thank you” for your commitment.